SARAH CHAPMAN Ultimate Cleanse 100ml

٢٦٠ ر.س

مزيل مكياج زيتي ، مليان مضادات أكسدة و فيتامينات و ببتايد ، كولاجين و فيتامين أ و فيتامين سي .

Sarah Chapman’s Ultimate Cleanse is an oil-based, balm-like formula, meaning it has a natural affinity with your skin’s sebum so that it can clean while respecting the delicate acid mantle. Gorgeously glow-giving, this cleanser awakens cell receptors to deliver a powerful dose of antioxidant vitamins, collagen boosting peptides and age-defying vitamin A, alongside soothing oils – including baobab, borage, jojoba and vitamin C-rich rosehip. With an indulgent yet refreshing essential oil blend of camphor, neroli, chamomile, jasmine and rose, the luscious formulation removes all traces of make up and daily grime, leaving skin clear, bright, smooth, hydrated and perfectly clean yet completely comfortable. 

  • ٢٦٠ ر.س

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