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سيروم متعدد الببتيدات بمزايا كثيرة! هذا العلاج القوي والشامل يحارب الكثير من علامات التقدم بالسن

ضعيه على كامل بشرة الوجه في الصباح والمساء بعد تنظيفها

Like an opulent feast for the skin, The Ordinary’s “Buffet” serum features an impressive array of anti-ageing wonders – at a

surprisingly tiny price tag. Multiple peptide complexes combine in this lightweight serum to offer a multitude of benefits, including Matrixyl 3000 to stimulate collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid to offer the heroic hydration that 'plumps up' fine lines and diminishes depth of furrows. Working in synergy with 11 skin-friendly amino acids, with regular use this ultra-smoothing serum will reveal nourished, youthful-looking skin.

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